I’m a time-traveler at heart. I love discovering more and more about various eras and cultures. Although it would be wonderful if traveling through time were a real possibility, I suppose I’ll have to settle for trips via books and movies. For now anyway. ; )

Speaking of movies, I’m also an actor and writer—which plays into the time-traveling mode quite well. Some of my wanderings have included 17th-century France, 16th-century England, and America at the turn of the 20th century.

But I also love the present and all the hope and possibilities of each new day—no matter how challenging the circumstances.

Above all, I love God, the Creator of this great universe of ours. The Great Time Traveler Himself. And I thank Him for inviting me on this great journey of life…even when I wish I could take a break from it…

Life is not always a pastel-colored peaceful-looking painting, is it? Instead, life has deep and dark shading, brilliant and exquisite highlighting, order and chaos, texture, and perspective. Up close, sometimes it feels unbearable. But from a distance, it’s quite a Masterpiece… So glad God’s both close and distant… What great eyesight He has!  ; )  I think I’ll let Him lead as we travel on together…

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  1. If it’s okay, I’d like to travel with you and read about your experiences, thoughts, meanderings, and commentaries on what life is all about. I’m continually fascinated by your take on life, and your appreciation of same.

  2. Love this, Sandra! 🙂

    I’m coming in late in the game to your blog, but I see the timing as not accidental, the way the Universe works.

    Of course I know you as one of my “theater people” back in Virginia Beach, and we didn’t know each other tremendously well, at that; lots of actors, directors, techs and volunteers came and went throught the A.T. over the ten years I was with the company. As FB works, different people’s posts show up on my page at different times. I don’t know how that works exactly, but recently, a handful of yours have popped up. A comment related to this blog was one of them. I have a blog on another service that I started years ago but didn’t have the discipline to stick with, and it was basically just an experimental toe in the water anyway.

    However, I’m in a situation now where starting a new one is something that feels a little more pressing. When I clicked on the link for the “Feathers” post, I started looking around at this blog service and really like it. So I’ve decided to go ahead and start the new blog.

    Your perspective is beautiful, and resonates with mine in many ways — probably not coincidental that we’re the kind of people we are: Writers, “creative types,” actors, if only, sometimes, on the Universal Stage.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely 1:11/11:11 story, which is what prompted me to begin a journey I share with many people (she says mysteriously) vicariously, and will, soon, publicly.

    Thanks also for being brave enough to share your perspective in this way. We never know how God (as I interchangeably call the Universe) will guide us, and by what means. This is just another one of those little miracles Jung called synchronicity.

    Blessings on your journey, and know that your sharing yours was the catalyst for sharing mine. Fun to be an “Instrument” sometimes, isn’t it? Even, maybe even especially, when we don’t know we are.


  3. Thank you so much, Veni, for your kind words and for telling me about your new (and mysterious!) blog — and how this helped push you onward. : ) God is very neat at how He orchestrates everything. Enjoy your journey, too, and please keep me posted, as I’d love to subscribe!

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