Happy Valentine’s Day!


Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Even if you don’t have that special someone in your life right now, God loves you! And that’s the best kind of Love of all…


The Beauty of Winter

This time last week, the snow was falling… We had one of our biggest winter storms — with 10 to 12 inches. Although I’d rather just have a white Christmas and then skip over to spring, it was beautiful…magical…

And now it’s all gone. Well, in certain corners with little sunlight, you might still find traces, maybe. But all the inches have melted away. The roads are clear. The earth is in sight again.

I was reminded to stay in the moment, to remember that valuable lesson from acting classes and apply it to winter. And it’s working, slowly but surely.

Springtime will be here soon enough. For now, though, it’s winter’s turn.