Happy 12.12.12!!!

11.11.11_Pear Tree Branches

I’m not sure why this feels like a “Happy New Year!” post. But it does. I suppose it’s just fun to say it’s “12.12.12.,” right? ; )

And that’s my little post for today. Am in a hurry to post before midnight, so … Happy twelfth day of the twelfth month in 2012, everyone! : )


I’m a Walking Romantic Comedy


I was first stood up when I was 19. Twice. By the same guy. Yeah, even then I gave people the benefit of the doubt, maybe more than I should have. Much later, I was stood up again by a different guy. Another one asked me to dinner and a movie, but when the check arrived, he said he forgot his wallet — so I paid. (We didn’t go to the movie…) Another one showed up on his bike (bicycle, not motorcycle), so I drove…

I could go on and on. Some of those times I just should’ve said no thanks. But I have more wisdom now. And a lot of it will go into a romantic comedy I’m writing. And perhaps that’s my life’s genre: I’m a walking romantic comedy. Sigh.

Oh. Yeah. Then there was a guy in Shoney’s from a youth group I used to go to who said he was prophetic and that I would never get married. Sounds more like a curse to me.

Besides, God gave me a vision of the man I’ll marry — not who he would be exactly, but I just wish He’d let me in on what He’s doing, and tell him too, wherever he is. Because I really don’t want to stay on this planet longer than I have to (but I’m leaving that up to Him), and a little time with my soul mate would be nice.

I think I’ve had enough story material to last a lifetime. Well, if nothing else, I’ve had a few laughs later on, after seeing the absurdity of it all. And that’s just a hint at why I’d rather be single than with the wrong person.

Yes, someday, I’m off to Europe again, alone, with God. : ) He’s the perfect traveling Companion. And, along the way, maybe He’ll make everything clear. I’d like to think that He’s in the process of creating His own romantic comedy for me, the kind with a really, really good ending. : )

Oh soul mate, whoever you are and wherever you are! Will you wait for me, or will you settle for someone who’s not ordained for you? I’m not settling. So you better not either. ; ) (If you do, no problem. It’ll be your loss — not because I’m “better than,” but because God has a wonderful story for us to live out together. Still, even if you don’t wait, one of His specialties is redemption… He can redeem that loss for both of us, with other people. But I do truly hope you’ll wait. Because it just might be an awesome story to tell…

A Restoration Story Perfect for Christmas

10.3.12_Haygood Methodist Church_beautiful bells ring from here

Dying Man Finds Miracle In Abandoned Church

I never want to forget this story… (Click the link under the picture.) So many life lessons and metaphors packed into four minutes…

However, the lesson that really grabs my heart deals with restoration — that it’s after you discover restoration is needed and make that choice to restore, and then actively work toward renovation that true transformation happens…and purpose develops…and faith and hope are born or made new…and accomplishment is savored and celebrated…and the resultant blessings are multiplied and shared…

This video is like a really good short story. Just sit back and let your heart grow tender… It’s a perfect story for Christmas in so many ways…

(Sending a big thank-you to my friend Christopher, who first posted this to his Facebook page!)