Last Day of August

Less than an hour to go before August is gone, so am determined to get a blog entry written and posted.

I’m not sure why I stopped blogging. My intent was to post one every day. And it’s not like I don’t enjoy it. I do. But I think it has to do with repetition. Too much repetition makes me feel like I’m going a little out of my mind. Or more than normal. ; )

Even as a kid — I think around five or six years old — I remember one of my nightmares was about two little cartoon men fishing in the same boat on opposite ends; one would fall in and the other would rescue him, and then they’d go back to fishing — and then the same thing would happen to the other little man, and on an on it went.

I have no idea what that means, but to this day, I detest too much repetition. I like to break the monotony of life. Although schedules keep me on track of what needs to be done, I’ve got to switch things around once in a while.

So, anyway, maybe that’s why I’ve stayed away from this blog. But maybe I can change my perspective and see the newness of every day overriding the continuous act of creating a daily entry. So far, I’ve missed writing about the unexpected and not-normal-for-this-region earthquake, along with a monster hurricane (Irene) that tore up the East Coast. Plus a wild fire that took hold of the Great Dismal Swamp. And the garden; I haven’t chronicled the stages of the garden (but do have pictures I haven’t posted yet).

Nature seems upset and very ill lately, maybe in part because of what we do to it. It’s old and needs to be respected. Just like people. We’re all rolling to a close of sorts, like August. Into fall. Then winter. But spring will be here again. New life. New days. And that’s what gets me through these changing seasons, remembering that the earth is just heading off to bed for a while, and that there’s beauty even in the falling asleep and dream stages… The brilliant leaves falling, the mystical snow, the chilly and cold air and warm drinks and sweaters.

Maybe, too, leaving August means there’s only four more months ’til a brand-new year, and I haven’t even come close to finishing what I’d hoped to. Life gets in the way a lot. For many of us, in different ways. Still, it’s four more months. And if you break it all down into hours, we have a lot of time left in 2011, Lord willing. Each new day offers new hope by our loving Father God.

And He offers rest. I guess we should keep learning from these seasons He created. Still so many great lessons to learn from nature. And I guess, like the sun’s already gone to bed, this tired body of mine at this minute should get some rest too. Regain strength for another day, and the start of a new month, rolling into a new season. I suppose if I let myself roll with it and enjoy the ride, instead of holding on to summer too tightly, I’ll see that this kind of repetition isn’t so bad after all…


Corn by the Patio

These are the two ears of corn that came from that plant growing next to the patio. I’ve never grown corn before, but thanks to some bird, probably, there it was. I kept it watered, and enjoyed watching it grow. The corn stalk never got higher than my knees, and these ears aren’t edible, but that’s okay. ; )

Beetle Bug Back Up

Had to flip this little guy over last night. Poor thing had ended up on his back and looked desperate for help. Was saving a baby cricket when I noticed him on the patio. From bugs to birds to people to the entire creation, all of us on this planet need a helping hand once in a while.

I Like Rocks

Thought this one was pretty… A conglomerate rock. Somewhere in the attic, I still have my rock collection from when I was a kid. From everything on the Earth to everything up above… I find it all fascinating. Not enough time to learn about everything though. And no time for anyone to ever be bored.

It’s just the day-to-day living that gets in the way sometimes of … well … living. ; ) But somehow there must be a way to excel at living life to the fullest. I’m not talking about trips around the world, although one day that would be fantastic. But just “trips” within our own worlds, each and every day. Of really looking around, of taking time to really see with new eyes everything around you. And to hear with new ears. And to feel with a new heart.

I think from time to time, we all need revelation and rejuvenation… So nice that God uses His big, beautiful world to teach us…

We’re All Like Plants With Fruit

Well, they’ve come a long way from seed. It’s been fun watching them grow. Soon those yellow blooms will be replaced by full-fledged cucumbers … and with hidden marigolds in the background, around the tomatoes. We’re all kind of like plants on the way to becoming all we were meant to be, producing wonderful fruit. Not sure where I am in this life’s growing process, but I hope I’m at least at the blooming stage. ; ) It’s been a long, dry season… But with the right care, harvest time is assured… Thank you, God!