Because of new tests/information confirming that the Shroud of Turin is from Jesus’ day, I’m, reblogging this story… : )

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After posting yesterday’s angel story, I decided to share another. I don’t want to ever forget. And if it encourages you, too, then I’m glad to tell you about it, even if you end up thinking I’m delusional. Ha! ; ) As with the previous story, this one also happened back in high school…

For English class, I chose to write about the Shroud of Turin for my senior research paper. Unable to find what I needed in the library, I dropped by a little neighborhood bookstore. (It was sold and expanded, and it’s now a pet shop. But I remember what happened there like it was yesterday…)

Right after my last class, I headed back down the road. This shop was tiny, and when you walked in, or out, a bell attached to the door rang. After looking through a couple sections, I found what I was looking for…

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For Holy Thursday, I thought I’d reblog this entry…

A Time-Traveler's Blog

A few years ago, I went on a summer retreat to Mater Dolorosa, in California’s Sierra Madre Mountains. There, in the company of writer friends, we enjoyed an invigorating and scenic escape from our everyday lives.

After a session one evening, instead of going to sleep, I went outside and sat on a bench. The sky was brilliant with stars and the night air was perfectly chilly. And I felt completely alone and out of place all of a sudden.

Thousands of miles from my East Coast home, and about a year before I moved to Los Angeles, I looked down onto the valley below and saw all the distant lights from buildings that made the landscape look like a big glowing, sunken birthday cake. I imagined all the happy lives going on down there, and I saw all my seeming limitations and obstacles and losses and unfulfilled dreams.


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A Smile Like Lightning…

The Bible
“Make ready for the Christ, whose smile—like lightning—sets free the song of everlasting glory that now sleeps, in your paper flesh—like dynamite,” wrote Thomas Merton. My friend Susan shared this quote. I love the descriptions. And the truth of Christ. Can you imagine a smile like lightning? A powerful smile, a smile you’d be drawn to and would want to sit down to dinner with. A smile that could reassure and reaffirm and reawaken your soul. A smile you’d want to memorize. Such a perfect quote for this season. Or anytime of year. Such a perfect, powerful smile…

(I’ve shared this before, but this quote is so perfect for Holy Week…)

“The Bible” Series on the History Channel, Second Week

the Bible

I’m waiting for the third week’s episode to start, and am late in writing about last week’s. So just a quick note…

Once again, the actors gave it their all; there were no false notes in the acting. Each actor gave a truthful performance, which made the stories engaging. Combined with the direction and writing and vision, I understand why this series on the History Channel is gaining momentum. The vision seems to be about bringing the heart of God to the screen.

I thought it was interesting that the producers made a point of highlighting King Saul — showing that it was the people who insisted on having a king, other than God… And so God gave them one. Although He loved Saul, like all human beings, Saul was a broken man, one with flaws. But as prophesied in Isaiah, there would be another king…the King… What’s fascinating is that all the stories presented foreshadow Christ…a King with no flaws, the perfect Lamb of God, who was and is and always will be worthy of the title, to rule His people forever…

And now I’m set to the watch the next episode… Jesus shows up tonight. ; )

The First Episode of “The Bible” on the History Channel

the Bible

I’m going against a wave of negativity, as I really liked the premiere episode of “The Bible” series on the History Channel.

I already knew it would present just a selection, and that artistic license would be taken (like the fighting angels who really didn’t have to fight at all in the physical realm…kind of silly to me…however…).

So, going along for the ride, I felt they captured the heart of the stories. The actors put their all into it, and I loved the multicultural casting. No, it wasn’t on the level of “The Passion of the Christ,” and they didn’t stick to each line of the Bible as the “Matthew” series did. And I wouldn’t have done it this way at all.

But this was their artistic interpretation.

It saddens me to see such scathing remarks floating on Facebook and in the media from fellow Christians. (But some of those comments, although negative, were fair.) Maybe critical assessments could be done in the Spirit of Love?

I don’t think anyone sets out to make a bad movie, do they?

The attached review offers a great food-for-thought quote though:

“The feelings behind the series may be sincere — Ms. Downey has said that she and her husband ‘felt called to do this’ — but the approach here actually shows a lack of faith in the power of the biblical stories. The real Bible is a layered, often lyrical epic in which personal journeys are intertwined with collective ones, and human failings bump up against human strivings.”

Yes, I totally agree. It could’ve been so much more. But I still look forward to watching next week’s episode, and applaud them for even attempting so great a work.

And, I will read the stories for myself again, which was their hope in the first place.

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