“August Rush”

This is from another of my favorites. But if you haven’t seen “August Rush” yet, don’t watch this scene, as it’s the end of the story, the final scene. Rent the movie first. ; ) And if you have seen it already, enjoy…

Homemade Pasta Sauce

I’m going to have to figure out how to make pasta dishes look more appealing in pictures, because this looks kind of disgusting. Ha! But anyway…

Instead of using an already-prepared sauce, make your own. Throw some organic cut-up tomatoes in the skillet with some olive oil, minced garlic, and onions. Let it saute with fresh oregano and basil. Add a dash of sea salt. Before serving, stir in a bit of organic sugar.

(And if you don’t have any fresh tomatoes on hand, go ahead and use canned organic tomato sauce as a base, then work with the rest. The other way, though, is much better. I don’t use a recipe, so experiment and have fun!)

Another Green Tomato

May have to turn this one into a fried green tomato… : ) Although I eat healthful food and am into nutrition, fried green tomatoes, okra, and onion rings are okay once in a while, right? ; ) And grits, not the instant kind, with butter, not margarine. And homemade corn bread. I’ll stop with those. ; ) Southern cooking. Just once in a while.

On the flip side, how wonderful to enjoy all the fresh produce of the season! Ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, oregano… : ) I’m thankful for grocery stores, and that we don’t have to grow our own food for survival, but it’s so much better…

Support your local farmer’s market!

Rainwater Gushing

We had another thunderstorm here tonight, with tornado warnings. But when it first started, it was beautiful to see sheets of rain… Even the crows liked it. They sat on the fence, turned their heads up and opened their mouths for a drink, then hopped down for soggy bread. They didn’t seem to mind a bit. It’s been so horribly hot lately, with temperatures hitting 100 degrees, that I don’t think anybody minded. Refreshing, gushing rain…

Bug, Shadow, and Birthday Cake

I call this “A Bug and His Shadow.” Saw him on the patio siding after watering the plants this evening, so took a picture. Cute little thing. Glad he’s not a mosquito. Not sure what he is, but he’s not a mosquito.

It’s so hot here (got to 100 degrees F — with a heat index of 115 today), all the bugs want inside too… Thank God for helping Willis Haviland Carrier to invent the air-conditioner in the early 1900s.

I didn’t grow up with air-conditioning. Well, we had one unit in the family room, and that was it. And that only cooled that one room. For the other rooms, we used fans. I think it was sometime after I graduated from college that Mom finally decided to put central air in her house; and I think she later counted that as a very wise investment. ; )

I remember one sweltering summer, celebrating my July-born sister’s birthday, with cake in the kitchen. There was that deliciously iced birthday cake with candles lit. And there we were glistening (Southern woman glisten, we don’t sweat ; ) as we quickly sang and counted the seconds to get out of there and head for the air-conditioned room. Why we didn’t have the cake in that room is anybody’s guess now. But anyway…

After the birthday song, my sister let my little niece help blow out the candles. And when she did, the frosting parted. I kid you not. The frosting actually spread. Maybe not down to the cake part, but there was a long row of dented-by-breath frosting from one end of the cake to the other. That was indeed a super-hot Southern day. And my niece was upset because she thought she “broke the cake.” ; )