Made pear preserves again today… Messed the kitchen up so much that I decided to get fast food for Mom and me tonight… And just when I started to set the tray down, I saw, in slow-motion, my 16-ounce root beer fall to the floor and spill all over the rug. For a second I just stared in disbelief. Once again, the klutzy part of my self had made an appearance.

And then I got to work cleaning it up, grabbing towels and paper towels to dab the soda. I didn’t need that root beer after all. But I wanted it. But the hot tea with liquid stevia was better for me anyway and tasted delicious.

What I was happy about was that no foul word passed my lips. Oh they wanted to come out. They pressed on my teeth and my lips so hard. But I used self-control and the desire to let them escape passed. And that felt good. Really good. (And, actually, my restraint probably had more to do with my mom watching a praise show at the time. 😉 ) It’s always better to laugh anyway. Unfortunately though, sometimes you even have to reign in laughter…

When I worked as a waitress several years ago, I tried my best to be the best waitress I could be. Well, yeah. That didn’t work out very well. I ended up spilling eight glasses of red wine on one man, and one pitcher of beer on another guy (separate nights, different restaurants). But what made it worse is that I started to laugh and had to run back to the kitchen to laugh it all out before going back to offer them free dry cleaning. Oy vey!

And now…the point to my story is that, with a different perspective, it was just root beer, and it was just a rug. Everything that happened today, the ordinary stuff, including the spills, is part of life. We’re here… We’re breathing… We keep moving forward…

Pray for those whose loved ones are no longer here, the ones who would love to have one more day to spill something, to laugh in awkward moments, to do everyday, ordinary, beautiful things… Pray especially for those whose loved ones died in tragic, horrific circumstances — especially, today, for those whose loved ones died on 9/11…in planes…in buildings…as victims..and heroes…

Promise to never forget them, to never forget what happened. Promise to let go of things that don’t matter, and to laugh when you need to, and find the beauty in everyday circumstances, and to thank

God for all your blessings. God bless you on this contemplative day…and always… ❤


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