Before You See It…


Every day has its own kind of beauty and magic…

I’ve been spending most of my spare time outside lately — trimming hedges, raking pine straw, picking up broken branches, weeding the garden, transplanting the rosemary and some flowers, fixing up the patio for when Mom can come back out again, and digging up dirt for the vegetable garden. I love this whole process, and spring is my favorite time of year!

But Thursday’s beauty and magic was really woven in wonderfully… So many neat surprises!

In the middle of everyday life, with everyday challenges and irritations (such as a bottle of bleach leaking onto the utility room floor…), Thursday made me smile. On a quick run to the grocery store, just as I got out of my car, a gust of wind blew a grocery cart right in front of me, with the handle facing my way, and I literally just grabbed onto it and kept walking. And more ideas for a story I’m working on hit me in the checkout line. And while looking for a card at the Dollar Store, a woman with a German accent started talking to me — and so I was able to use my German and have a nice little conversation (“little” because my vocabulary isn’t as big as it used to be — but this exchange reminded me how much I love languages, so should brush up on these skills…).

Along the way, as I ran quick errands, there were also people the Lord seemed to “highlight” for prayer, for a word of encouragement… The Holy Spirit is so sensitive to everyone’s need…

And when I returned to work in the garden, a ladybug stayed on my arm for a while, the honeysuckle bush was brilliant, and a couple of ducks walked up on the patio to visit (yes, I gave them bread and water — and, yes…they returned the next day, and brought a friend with them).

Now, some might say, “There’s nothing beautiful nor magical about any of that.” And they’d be wrong.

Negativity grates on my nerves probably more than anything. Complainers and whiners and glass-half-empty speakers: Open up your eyes! The beauty and magic is there… Every single day… No matter where you live, what circumstances you’re in, make it a practice to see the beauty and magic… As you do, your world will grow bigger… You’ll be able to lift your heads, knowing that the Lord is the one that lifts them to see this awesome world He’s created… Sift through the ugliness that’s there, and let your new light, your new awareness of His ways and creation, push away the heaviness…. Pretty soon, you’ll step up out of despair, out of negativity, out of feelings of hopelessness, and into all the beauty and “magic” He has for you…

But you have to recognize it first…before you see it…

Just like the Holy Spirit… You have to recognize Him first, learn of Him, breathe of Him, before you truly start to see Him in the middle of everything…even in the middle of a grocery cart pushed into your path by a gust of wind…


5 thoughts on “Before You See It…

  1. Wonderfully put. All of us are given the same amount of time in a day. The difference is how we choose to experience it. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sandy, This is so nice. You have such a good heart and see the beauty in things that most people don’t pay attention to. Love what you write and how you write it.

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