Faith as Big as a … Carrot Seed?


Tears are healthy… And it seems every day lately is a time for tears, especially when in prayer…

When talking to Jesus this morning and studying His Word during a light rain on this overcast day, I just sat in His Presence and felt ministered to.

“I don’t want to cry again, Jesus; let’s just make this a happy time…”

But the tears came anyway. He knew what was in my heart—what I needed to let go of, including a now-miniscule residue of unforgiveness, sadness over present and past circumstances… He let me cry and ministered to me… And then the tears shifted to family and friends dealing with heartbreaking times… And then they went to people struggling in Third World countries…

I could sense Jesus was right next to me, interceding…

“Lord, there’s so much sadness here on this ol’ Earth… Sometimes it feels overwhelming… But I know that in Heaven it’ll be so wonderful that we won’t even remember these days…”

And then I thought of this Scripture: “Your joy is my strength…” And that’s so true. Somehow, in the middle of immediate circumstances, there is that inner joy and peace that only He can provide…


Yesterday I felt like a kid giddy with excitement, all in an instant. I went outside to feed the birds and squirrels, and while walking past last year’s garden, now dead, waiting for me to dig it up and start anew, I noticed a patch of green. This was no ordinary green though. It was carrot-green, the color of the stems of carrots.

“That can’t be…”

I looked closer, moving the greenery, and there they were! Beautiful orange carrots pushing up from out of the ground! But I hadn’t planted any new ones…

“How in the world???”

After doing some quick research, I found that if you leave some of the carrots in the ground (like I did last summer – and it was the first time I’d ever planted carrots), they will drop seed and come back in the spring! I find so much encouragement in this…

Even when you think all is dead, life happens… But you have to plant something first… You have to be active and actually do something first… I remember how small those carrot seeds were last summer, and how fantastic it was to watch the first growth appear… And that same feeling, but magnified, is how I felt yesterday.

And I remembered “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed…” Or maybe even a carrot seed?


Back to today…

After that sad-turned-good cry, I talked to Him about the “mountains” in my life, and asked His help to make those mountains “melt like wax before Him”…

And I thought about those carrots again, and looked up the rest of that Scripture about faith and the mustard seed, and read: “For truly I say to you, if you have faith that is living like a grain of mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, Move from here to yonder place, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you” (Matthew 17:20).

I like that a lot. I feel my faith being stirred and tried and strengthened these days… It doesn’t always feel good at the time, but neither does anything worthwhile when you’re in the middle of it. Writing a novel? Building your muscles? Fasting? Putting a production together? But push through to the other side, get past the “mountains” that stand in your way of achieving your goals, and what seems impossible becomes possible.

It’s just when you’re in the long phase of the journey — the part where you just seem to see a lot of desert instead of green fields, and when tears seem more plentiful than rain — that you long for inner refreshment, where you can dig deeply into the well of faith, splash some on your eyes, and then see with those eyes of faith…

Before getting along with the day, I asked Jesus if He had a psalm for me read. Immediately, I “heard” “Psalm 84” in my spirit. Not knowing what that one was about, I was thankful and in awe of Him yet again… Here are verses 6 and 7:

“Passing through the Valley of Weeping, they make it a place of springs; the early rain also fills the pools with blessings. They go from strength to strength, increasing in victorious power…”

And then I heard a beautiful songbird singing in the rain outside the living-room window on this blessed and joyful new spring day…

I know the word “amazing” is overused a lot, but He really is amazing





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