Every day, I check the sunflowers. Since I planted them late in the season, I wonder if they’ll be as spectacular as the ones from last year. And today, August 24, their petals were just started to unfurl. It’s so exciting to see them wake up and grow! Every new day in the garden is filled with anticipation, similar to that magical feeling on Christmas Eve, which is only four months away…

I wonder if that’s how God feels when He looks at us… I bet sometimes He’s just waiting for us to “wake up” and grow as much as possible. I bet He smiles when we do. But when we don’t, when we have those seasons of frustration or delay or self-sabotage, maybe He just unfurls His big arms and gives us warm sun hugs…waiting for us to keep going…’til we blossom into all He made us to be.

Yeah. That would be just like Him. πŸ™‚


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