“The Bible” Series on the History Channel, Second Week

the Bible

I’m waiting for the third week’s episode to start, and am late in writing about last week’s. So just a quick note…

Once again, the actors gave it their all; there were no false notes in the acting. Each actor gave a truthful performance, which made the stories engaging. Combined with the direction and writing and vision, I understand why this series on the History Channel is gaining momentum. The vision seems to be about bringing the heart of God to the screen.

I thought it was interesting that the producers made a point of highlighting King Saul — showing that it was the people who insisted on having a king, other than God… And so God gave them one. Although He loved Saul, like all human beings, Saul was a broken man, one with flaws. But as prophesied in Isaiah, there would be another king…the King… What’s fascinating is that all the stories presented foreshadow Christ…a King with no flaws, the perfect Lamb of God, who was and is and always will be worthy of the title, to rule His people forever…

And now I’m set to the watch the next episode… Jesus shows up tonight. ; )


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