Yes, Something Wonderful Can Happen…

Always believe that something wonderful in life is just around the corner… It could be tomorrow. But you’ll never know if you give up. So always believe that’s true, no matter what… (And I will also!)

In your personal life, in your professional life, there is always the chance that something wonderful is indeed about to happen…

Most likely you’ll be rejected along the way, but don’t take it personally — it’ll all be part of your amazing story, if you let it…

What you envision and what He has ordained for you can mesh into something really beautiful…more than you could ever dream possible…so don’t settle for less.

God’s put desires in your heart to be fulfilled, and He may have you on a creative path to get there. Nothing’s impossible with Him, you know.

So let go of all the closed doors in your personal and professional realms, bless those who have hurt you, who have closed doors on you, and let Him lead you to His open doors, where His magnificent vision for your life continues to unfold…on His time-table, in His unique and colorful way…

(And read Jeremiah 29:11…)

Hey, if I can keep hoping and believing and working on all that’s in my heart, both personally and professionally, I know you can too! ; )

Much love to you all!



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