Happy Valentine’s Day! : ) (I’m reblogging my post from this time last year. : )

A Time-Traveler's Blog

I like Valentine’s Day. Even though I’m single, there’s something about this holiday of red and white and pink and purple. With all the chocolate-coated candy and sweet cards. And the flowers and romantic movies, especially “Pride and Prejudice.”

Some friends see it as purely a consumer-oriented day. Some see it as an obligatory tell-someone-I-love-you day and then forget about it. Some take the day off and cry, reliving old loves or a love that hasn’t shown up yet.

I see Valentine’s Day as a day to exercise. To make your brain healthy. ; ) To make healthful choices so you don’t get caught up in all the sad love songs. It’s a time to actively pursue a good mindset and not fall victim to the lie that you’re all alone and incomplete. Because whether or not you have a love in your life right now, you’re already complete. You…

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