A Love That Pursues

Love is everywhere this time of year. Symbols of love, gestures of love, words of love — in cards, ads, songs…

All of these celebrations help us with time, don’t they? Each month, there’s a new occasion to celebrate. I love Ground Hog Day just because it’s so…silly and odd. And here comes Valentine’s Day, right around the corner. Often we get so busy with our own daily schedules that special days can get overlooked or rushed.

I think I’ll make sugar cookies and decorate them with pink and red and white icing. Just because. And maybe order a heart-shaped pizza. Mom and I will watch a good movie, maybe “Shall We Dance” again, and chat with her out-of-state sisters.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about soul-mate love. And since I’m not yet with my soul mate, I’m not going to let a perfectly lovely special day be ruined because of that. I figure there’s a season for everything, and my story isn’t over. And neither is yours. There’s newness every day if we choose to recognize it.

And love is always present in some form — His Love, especially. He’s so constant with His pursuing… That special welcomed Suitor, forever getting our attention, always patient, extremely interesting, singing songs to us, trying to make us laugh, communicating in ways that only you would notice…

Yes, all these attributes I see in Jesus…in how He pursues us… And then, once we’re walking with Him, we feel Him pursuing everyone else too — with nudges to hold the door open for someone, or to smile in acknowledgement, or to start a conversation…

I love when He leads you in the course of your day, in the middle of your own busy schedule, when His Love appears unexpectedly, but oh so beautifully, in strangers…

Yesterday, busy as usual, I ran down to the grocery story. I tried to mind my own business — I really did. ; ) But, in one aisle, I noticed a woman in an electric scooter looking up at a top shelf.

“Would you like me to hand you something?” I asked.

“Yes, please!”

She was thrilled, and we got into a nice conversation about canola oil, vegetable oil, and olive oil. As I was leaving the aisle, I told her it was nice talking with her, and then said, “Be blessed!” (I never say that… There’s nothing wrong with that phrase, but it’s not something I normally say; it just rolled out of my mouth.)

She looked surprised, then said, “That’s what I usually say, but no one ever says it back…”

I laughed and told her she must know Jesus, too, then. She smiled from ear to ear and put her hand to her heart and said yes. : )

Almost done with my short list, I had dashed over to the water aisle, when I locked eyes with someone I thought I knew, and she said I looked familiar also.

“Maybe from church?” I asked, thinking she might have gone to the one my mom used to attend.

“No,” she said. “I don’t think so — but I do need prayer…” (This woman’s name was Ann if you want to pray for her also; her mother battles cancer and her son has some challenges…)

So we prayed in the water aisle.

One woman looking for oil, and another walking through water…

I love the symbolism… Oil represents the Holy Spirit, and water represents new life…

Yes, a Love who pursues us all…by the power of His Holy Spirit, offering us refreshment, new life — not just in church aisles, but in grocery-store aisles too…

Have a very Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow, you all! : ) We are all loved much more than we can ever fully comprehend — by a God who thinks we’re absolutely amazing! : ) XOXOXO


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