Just When You Think Everything is Gone For Good…

Oh October! You showed up much too quickly. I was just getting used to September… Letting go of August was difficult, and it was heartbreaking to watch the sunflowers die.

But okay. It’s the start of a brand-new month. And it could be great. I hope it’s great. After all, once in a while, just when you think everything is gone for good, new life suddenly appears…

For example, I was certain our summer garden had seen its last days — but September birthed a delicious little cantaloupe, along with lots of tomatoes. And the tomatoes continue to grow, better than during the summer months. The basil, too, is still producing flavorful, fragrant leaves for cooking, and we harvested a few green beans in September also.

But October… Well, October’s always been a mixed-emotion type of month for me; although it’s when my mom celebrates her birthday, it’s also a reminder of when my dad moved on to Heaven. He loved October though — partly because of Oktoberfest. ; ) We used to live in Germany, and I remember going to Munich, or München, for their festival with my parents and brother. Such a fun time and great memories!

Last year, I made a from-scratch three-layer Black-Forest cake. It was just a little time-consuming, but a delicious recipe. This year, I think we’ll go with a German-chocolate cake.

Still determined as ever, I’m set to grasp hold of this new season and find all the blessings, all the beauty, in each new day it offers.

And somewhere down the road, when all my days here on this Earth are finished, I can picture Jesus welcoming me Home, and then at some point saying, with His fantastic smile, “Just when you thought everything was gone for good…” — and then I’ll look around and see my earthly dad and all the family and friends who moved there ahead of me… That’s going to be some party we’ll have…even better than Oktoberfest. ; )

All right. Into October we go… I pray it’s wonderful for us all, in ways that will make us laugh out loud in wonder. : )


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