The Fading Sunflowers…

Since I’d never grown sunflowers before, I hadn’t thought about the end of their season… In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen pictures of fading sunflowers… When they’re in their prime, they hold such beauty and majesty, with their heads tilted high up to the sun… It startled me a little to see them deteriorating, even made a couple of tears fall… You see, we had experienced a really bad rain and windstorm, and when I went out to check on them, not only were they in the dying process, but the wind had torn away some of their petals and they’d also been ravaged a bit by the birds for food. They looked so worn out, all bent over, bowing this time under the sun, instead of rising to it… But they had lived their appointed season, and it was a wonderful, spectacular time… There was one, however, that was late in blooming; it was smaller than the others, with petals that didn’t seem to form completely, but it stood proudly there in the garden, holding its own spot, creating its own beauty in its own way. I hope we all live life to the fullest, for as many days as we’re given here on this planet… I hope we live as brilliantly as the sunflowers…

Well, once again, when I’d started this, it was the last day of the month… But now it’s officially the start of September…and time keeps rolling… There’s a lovely blue moon out tonight… Peaceful and charming…if a moon can be charming… Yes, I think so… And someday it would be fun to plant a moon garden…with flowers that only bloom at night.


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