Grateful for Good Harvests…

I’m a pretty simple person…

Yes, I’d love to have a cup of tea over in London again — or relish baklava in a Greek bakery or enjoy an appetizer at an elegant party while all dressed up and sporting an up-do.

But most of the time, I’m satisfied with a couple peanut-butter crackers at home. Or a piece of cool organic fruit on a beach. Or trail mix under a tree.

I guess it’s my split-down-the-middle personality of being both extroverted and introverted (according to those personality tests). Out mingling with the rest of the world has its appeal on certain days, as does being totally alone or just with one other person on other days.

Peace though in all situations is what I crave lately.

And one of the prime peaceful places I know is the garden. It’s also thrilling — peaceful and thrilling — to hunt for those hidden cucumbers that seem to grow overnight, and to find the showy orange-red color on the tomatoes.

There’s also peace in being grateful.

And today, I’m grateful for good harvests…


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