The Pollinators Are Here!

Bees, white moths, wasps… SO many bees… Bumblebees, honeybees… It was wonderful seeing all the pollinators in our garden today. The weather’s been too hot — reaching 100 degrees — for too many days in a row, but the last couple of days have been in the “cool” 80s — and last night and this morning, we welcomed rain.

Isn’t it great to see nature doing what it does? These little guys almost seemed to pose for pictures. Since there’s been a decline in the bee population, it was especially fantastic to see so many today buzzing from the flowers on the cucumber plants to the Rose of Sharon.

You understand what “busy as a bee” means when you’re in the garden, as they pay you no mind and seem to be on a mission.

I love that we all have roles to play in life. Not just one, but many. Some in different seasons. And if you think life has passed you by, that’s not true at all. Maybe you’re in the middle of your own wintertime — or your spring is about ready to change over to summer — or the summer heat is making you tired — or your autumn harvest is just about here… Just don’t miss that in each season, you can have a bountiful harvest. Different fruits for different seasons, and they’re all good! So stay on your life’s mission of being all God created you to be on a daily basis. Even if you don’t know what that mission is, choose to be your best every day, and the bigger picture will appear … in due season. ; )

Isn’t life sometimes like a big pot of vegetable soup — full of all kinds of ingredients we like and don’t like? You can choose to get irritated and pick out the peas, like our dog Misty used to do, or you can choose to scoop it all up and taste it all together. Somehow, even our most heel-digging experiences seem to work together with the good to create something exquisite. Eventually, anyway. ; )

Just don’t give up; you are needed. Without you to play your unique roles, others will feel the loss somehow, and then a domino effect happens… Like the pollinators have a purpose, so do you — no matter what your circumstances, age, residence, gender, dreams, obstacles, setbacks, disappointments… Now go outside and look around. God uses nature to encourage and inspire us; we just have to make the choice to see it all … and marvel at it … and do something with it… : )


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