Congratulations to my friend Kendal! The movie he’s in — Nicholas Sparks’ “The Lucky One” is now playing! I’m reblogging his blog about it. Enjoy! : )


The Lucky One, starring Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling, gets released tomorrow, April 20th. In the film, I play Drake Green (aka “Aces”)…brother to Beth Clayton (Schilling), with whom Logan Thibault (Efron) falls in love. It’s love and war. Something dying to spark new life. Sparks.

Admittedly, having a major motion picture being released by Warner Brothers – knowing I’m being credited with a name like “Aces” and not “Bar Patron #18” – is, well, a big deal…and very encouraging. However, quelling my tendency to undermine personal “success,” I find myself torn between following my family’s lead to fall “head over heels” in celebration this week…OR…finding a large crevice in the side of a mountain in which I can go hide (at least until the movie release is over). Why? Not sure. Maybe it has something to do with dreams I’ve had of being completely cut out of the…

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