This is another wonderful tribute to Jack Gilbert — showing his great sense of humor — written by Sean Gaffney. I’m reblogging it here to have a place I can go back to, to remember … and smile… : ) Thanks, Jack… (And thank you, Sean…) Long live Jack’s book club!

Sean Gaffney

Tonight was set aside as book club night, which won’t happen as Jack is unavailable.

This year represents the 20th anniversary of the founding of Jack’s Great Book Salon; I’ve only been on board for the past ten.

Book club has really thinned out since I joined (Jack insisted that it wasn’t because I joined…), which had an unusually positive side benefit for me personally – there were the occasional meetings when the rest of the group would drop off, and so the evening would be just Jack and myself.

I am realizing today what a true blessing that was.

In the interest of full disclosure, I thought of dropping out of book club a couple years back, but kept re-upping for another year just for the guaranteed monthly hang out time with Jack.

Jack’s sense of humor wasn’t the knee-slapping variety, but rather a wry wit. When scheduling…

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