Here’s the new oregano pushing through again. Absolutely love seeing new growth…

Springtime is my favorite season, as it reminds me of hope. Newness growing out of the old, becoming its own… I love the symbolism of it all. And although the new year was the start of new resolutions, springtime is a huge reminder of new things in store…

Today, my mom and I will plant tomato and basil seeds, plus some others, in little peat pots. And with care and attention, they’ll grow and flourish.

And that’s what I pray for all of us. That we give ourselves the care and attention we need, that we help those around us, and that we all grow and flourish together.

It’s not even officially spring yet, but it feels like it. Well, actually, today feels like early summer, with temps in the 70s. Love that sunshine… Love the hope of newness!


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