A Divine Detour in a Department Store

Thought I’d type out a blog entry before getting some much-needed sleep… While running an errand this evening to pick up something for my mom at a nearby mall, I had a strong feeling to park near a certain department-store entrance. Part of it probably had to do with safety, but it also turned out to be a divine detour.

Even before I left the house, the thought came to my mind about stopping by that store’s small book section. But I brushed it aside as I grabbed my purse and cell phone, intending to quickly run the errand and then get other things accomplished and checked off my list.

But then there’s God. ; ) Once I walked through the doors, the thought returned. So, instead of sticking to my original plan, I took the detour.

Immediately, my eye caught the title “God’s Shelter For Your Storm,” by Sheila Walsh. In the middle of little gift books for birthdays and anniversaries and the birth of babies, there were two or three copies of this book. Sheila is an inspiring woman of God, and one of my sisters used to work with her; she even gave my sister’s daughter a baby shower.

As I flipped through the pages, many nuggets of comfort and wisdom and insight jumped out. I also noticed a woman walking up the aisle to pass by me. And I knew she was a Believer in Christ. Immediately, I sensed a light coming from her, His Love. I moved so she could get by, and we exchanged polite hellos. But she didn’t keep going; she, too, stopped to look at the books.

“Sometimes God places the right book in front of you at the right time,” I said. (Yes, I talk to strangers. ; ) She smiled sadly and said she was looking for one for a friend whose husband had died, and that her friend had no other living family member. I showed her the book. She looked at it and smiled brighter. “God sent you here to point that book out to me,” she said.

I got to tell her about how I didn’t even intend on looking at books, that I had an errand to run — and she got to tell me about how she was going to go down another aisle, but she felt God prompt her to go past me and say hello.

She had such a kind, gentle spirit, with so much light coming from her eyes. I told her I knew she was a Christian as she walked up. She almost cried, then shared how she had just come through one of the most difficult seasons of her life — that she had gone through battling breast cancer and losing her hair to chemotherapy, and then losing her mother… She told me to cherish the time I have with my own mother… She said it was her faith in Jesus that got her through those times, and that the cancer is gone now, but how He used it all to encourage other people going through similar struggles… She is a warrior woman. If you’d like to pray for her, her name is JoAnne, and her friend’s name is Penny.

He’s amazing how He arranges people’s paths to cross, even for a little bit of time, even in a department store … all because He loves us that much…


4 thoughts on “A Divine Detour in a Department Store

  1. You’re welcome — and thank you for your kind comments. I will travel over to your blog to read your story! I’m glad this helped with validation. God is neat… : )

  2. So wonderful how God works! I love hearing these stories. Some folks think it just “happens”. But I believe God puts us places in the right time for the right reasons. I also believe that we go through things to learn and for others to learn. Faith is huge. God is always with us. What a great story, thinks for sharing. πŸ™‚

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