January Hyacinth

Already the last day of January… Haven’t blogged much lately, but wanted to close out this first month of 2012 with an entry. Plus, it’s my dad’s birthday… I wonder how they celebrate up in Heaven? It’s probably spectacular… But I guess I’ll have to wait to find out. For now, I’m here. Practicing “staying in the moment.” It’s a good habit that acting classes taught me.

The Earth though is in a rush. It’s waking up too soon… Last week, I took this picture of the hyacinth in Mom’s garden. Had to cover them — along with the daylilies and Easter lilies — with pine straw. They’re just like us sometimes, aren’t they? Once in a while, we want to rush ahead without waiting. But, like it or not, there’s a perfect order to everything in the universe — and your perfect order isn’t going to be exactly like another person’s. It’ll be as different as your fingerprints and eyes (yes, your eyes have their own special markings too — amazing, isn’t it?).

So if you feel stuck — or if you’re waiting with no end in sight — or you don’t know what you’re waiting on, but just want something different — or if you’re hoping for something that’s hidden away in your heart, just between you and God — or you’ve worked hard, but keep running into roadblocks, just stop for a bit… Breathe. Refuse anxiety. Love this very moment, because this moment will lead to the next and the next and the next… Don’t give up. The right season will come along. Just don’t rush it and miss what’s here now.

For this day, go cover up with pine straw, smile, and enjoy the warmth. Your time of fulfilled expectations is on its way. And so is mine. And then there will be new dreams to dream, ’cause that’s just how life is… Roll with it. And choose joy on your journey…


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