“The White Light”

You often hear stories about “the white light”… of the welcoming light people with near-death experiences see. (Just recently you may have read about 18-year-old Ben Breedlove’s video he made before his death about seeing the white light on two separate occasions; he entered Heaven on Christmas, after suffering a heart attack brought on by heart disease. In the video, he described being in that white light as incredibly peaceful, the most peaceful feeling he’d ever known…

Personally, I hope Heaven isn’t just one big blob of light. To spend eternity wandering around in a sea of whiteness is not my idea of Heaven. However, an entrance into Heaven, well, that’s another story. Yes, a brilliant white light!

I think our entrance into Heaven will be like walking out of a dark theatre on a bright summer’s day. Have you ever done that? Your eyes were perfectly adjusted to the matinee, and then WHAM! You open that exit door and you’re literally blinded by the light for a few moments, as you quickly search for your sunglasses, if you remembered to bring them. And, if you didn’t, you just stand there with your eyes closed for a minute, letting that brilliant sun warm your face.

After that, it’s smooth sailing. You see all the beauty of a summer’s day – the luscious green trees, the bold colors of summer daylilies and roses and begonias, the blue sky, and you hear the birds and the laughter of people enjoying a great new afternoon.

I believe that’s how Heaven will be, only better.

A couple years ago, I had a vision dream of Heaven. In it, I was talking to a guy around my age, who had my color hair and eyes — and I knew he was one of my brothers. (My mom miscarried a son before I came along…) He told me how much he loved Heaven and said he grew up there. In my vision, Heaven was pretty much just like Earth, but so much better and much more beautiful.

And the joy… There was so much joy… Like Ben Breedlove experienced the peace, I experienced the joy. I have never known that kind of pure, wonderful feeling… In fact, as I came out of that vision, kind of like being pulled away from it, that joy faded, but I was laughing when I woke up. I remember wanting to go back… When I finally got up, I ran into my mom in the hallway and told her about what had happened. She just said, “Don’t tell anybody that; they’ll think you’re crazy.” Now, I understand completely if someone thinks I’ve lost it… But I can’t deny what I experienced. And I’m not the only one. I’ve heard similar stories from others. I think we’re living in a time where the spiritual side of life is more tangible, and that God is speaking in all kinds of ways to get our attention and encourage us.

Another person who experienced a vision of Heaven – and not a dream-vision, but the kind experienced when awake – is Jesse DuPlantis, a pastor from New Orleans. The night after having that vision of my brother, my mom and I “happened” to watch his television sermon. We don’t watch on a regular basis (although we love to hear his messages), but on this particular night, God got our attention through this minister’s story.

As he preached, JD told of a vision he was given of Heaven. He basically described what I had seen the night before – of how Heaven was a lot like Earth, but better. He said that Earth was like God’s “taste,” that He created what He likes. And that makes sense to me. Everything good on earth is a tiny reflection of what’s in Heaven maybe – only the full beauty of Heaven can’t even be imagined here, as Scripture tells us. Then, JD told more of his story (there’s also a video available: https://www.jdmstore.org/p-116-heaven-close-encounters-of-the-god-kind.aspx); he spoke about how if you had a child that was aborted or miscarried here on Earth, that you’ll see them someday in Heaven, that they grew up there and that you’ll see them at the age they would’ve been on Earth… When he said that, my mom and I just looked at each other in amazement. It would’ve been different if I had been given that dream-vision after watching this program, but I had it before

Well, anyway. There ya go. If this experience helps you in some way, I’m happy. Especially if it makes you less afraid of moving on to Heaven when your days here are completed… Earth is just a temporary Home; because of Jesus, we have a Home that’s eternal… And if we listen, we can hear Him calling us, reminding us of what He’s already promised, giving us hope that what we see here on Earth is not everything… There’s more… So much more… After the brilliant white light, you’ll be amazed… All because of Jesus…


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