New Year’s Eve 2011

Got a lot done on this last day of December, this last day of the year… And took a walk around sunset (took this pic tonight)… Mom and I had Chinese food for dinner and watched the Big Band special on PBS… Am working on a new collage of what I hope for in 2012… Making resolutions… Tired right now, but wanted to include a posting for this New Year’s Eve … soon to be 2012, the brand-new year… All in all, 2011 wasn’t bad… It was challenging, and it felt like treading water every month, but it wasn’t too bad… Had lots of moments of frustration, but we survived. God got us through. I love the start of a new year… So much promise… And it’s easy to hope at the beginning of something… I believe in the appointed time, everything that’s supposed to be … will be. And everything else will fall away, as it should. I let go … and I receive… So no worries… I don’t want anymore anxiety. I cast it onto God, as He asks… Will do my best and move forward with “confident expectation” (“hope”) … and I hope you do the same… Love and Many Blessings to you in 2012! I pray it’s the best yet for all of us!


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