This Christmas Season

The last couple of weeks have been a fun whirlwind. My Aunt Ginny and three cousins — Patty, Linda, and Nancy — came to town for a week to celebrate Christmas with us, and they really made it special, just by being here. We didn’t do what some might consider special, but we hadn’t been together for quite a while, and never for the Christmas season. Besides catching up and looking at old photos and eating too many sweets, we drove through neighborhoods to see the lighted decorations, visited a historical house, saw a WWII battleship, went to the beach to take pictures, and window-shopped at a local garden center all decked out for the holidays.

Christmas Eve was also my aunt’s birthday, so we had a coconut birthday cake for her, along with this scrumptious baklava Patty made, one of their traditions. When I get the recipe, I’ll have to share it. ; )

I hope you had a great Christmas too. It’s not about the presents or the decorations or the food or the traditions though… It’s about the love… Especially Love Incarnate, Jesus… To remember how He was born into our world… What a beautiful Gift for all of us… It’s all about the Love… His kind of Love…