Soul Balm

I took this picture at dusk, a few hours ago. It’s the silhouette of a lone cherry tomato. All summer long, we had quite a few regular tomatoes, but no cherry tomatoes. Our cherry-tomato plant produced no fruit. Finally, one little green tomato formed. And it stayed green. It waited ’til October to turn red. Kind of odd, isn’t it?

But there it is. Being a tomato, out of season. No matter when we arrive on the scene, whatever scene that is, I hope we all stay true to who we are, no matter if there’s not another one like us around, and create striking silhouettes.

Not everyone “blooms” when they’re expected to. Some of us take a long time, for whatever reason. But there always is a reason. Because God doesn’t create anything out of season; He knows exactly what He’s doing. So if you’re still in the waiting/hoping/planning/developing stages, be encouraged. Your day is coming. You might make your debut like an out-of-season tomato, but how neat will that be! Pretty unique and special…

I suppose, though, it could be a little lonely showing up when all the other tomatoes are gone or almost all gone. And when the summer plants are fading and the leaves are dying and falling. But your beauty might be exactly what’s needed right now.

Maybe it’s the beauty of speaking a life-giving word to someone who needs reassurance that life will get better, or holding the hand of someone who’s dying here as they take God’s hand there. Or maybe it’s the gift of giving a rude person grace, knowing they might just be covering up some kind of deep wounds. It could even be “just” saying hello to someone as you push your cart in the grocery store.

An out-of-season gift that’s perfect in every season. Soul balm. Now go be like a beautiful sole cherry tomato in October.


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