Always a Perfect Season for Everything

This is what this little cucumber looked like on August 15. And it still looks like that. Not even as long as my thumb. Yeah, I planted them too late in the season.

The gardening-center specialist assured me it wasn’t too late for starting cucumbers from seeds, and she was probably correct — so maybe I just didn’t plant them in the right place where they’d get enough sun for this time of year. I watered them, and there are more blossoms, so I’m not giving up on them… We’ll just have to see what happens.

Isn’t that like all of life though? There’s always a perfect season for everything. Everything under the sun has its special time and length of days. And if you miss that time, then you have to wait ’til the next growing season or start something else that is in season.

Everything good takes time and nurturing… The right conditions produce so much in all aspects of life… A tomato plant can’t grow outside in a cold climate during winter. And kale doesn’t like the summer. But plant them in the seasons they were meant for, and in the right type of soil, with the right amount of water and fertilizer, and watch them flourish. Sometimes those plants might do really well with composting or worm composting too.

We grow best in the right conditions also — even with unwanted “compost” mixed into our lives now and then…

I know I often talk about using our gifts. And maybe that’s because I see many people doing what someone else expected of them, or doing what they expected of themselves, when they didn’t expect much of themselves at all, and now they’re restless or bored or depressed. Or chasing another person’s gift and not their own — like someone who wants to be a singer and pursues it with passion … but they’re tone-deaf… For whatever reason, they didn’t or couldn’t see their unique gifts that are equally as wonderful as those in others.

But sometimes, maybe people aren’t using their gifts yet because the timing isn’t right. Maybe it’s just that the gifts aren’t ready for harvest… You could be 20 or 80, but if the timing isn’t right, the harvest won’t be good. Every now and then, you’ll hear in the news about someone who’s been on this planet for many decades — and is just finding their passion, like getting a degree or publishing a book or recording an album. That was their special season.

Maybe part of their gifts were to show us that it’s never too late to step out in faith and develop what’s in our hearts. Maybe all the seeming delays and seeming setbacks that some people experience are only growth stages… Maybe the gifts that some people thought weren’t there or thought were dormant and dead are just about ready to push through. Perhaps they’ve been growing deep and strong roots all this time — and now is the time for discovery, to see what those gifts are clearly. Discovery is an ongoing process, so there’s always hope. And each person’s time of discovery is each person’s perfect time.

I heard someone say once that you can’t make sense of your life until you’re at the end of it, but maybe along the way, you can look back and see how some of the pieces fit together. Just when you think nothing adds up to anything, you get inspired again. We all have different growing times and harvest times, and it’s perfectly okay. In fact, it’s beautiful…

I like when God uses nature to encourage us. I like when He gives us all the opportunity to learn and grow and discover what’s good at the right time… And when He sometimes steps in to surprise us with what we would call a miracle (like the azaleas that bloomed when they shouldn’t have this past spring — see “The Miracle of the Azaleas” from April 8).

More lessons and reminders from nature… So much still to learn… All under the sun… Completely wonderful…

And, as a side note, I know this post could stand some editing… But I’m too tired tonight, so will let it go, maybe come back to it another time and clean it up a bit…

Now go use your gifts! OR keep your eyes open — because if you don’t know what your gifts are yet, it’s just a matter of time… And what fun you’re going to have! Doesn’t it make sense that the One who created you would want you to use what He’s placed inside you? And, yes, each person has something — because we’re all reflections of Him… : )


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