A Moth at Rest

Saw this pretty moth resting on the outside door.

From the smallest and seemingly insignificant to the most majestic of God’s creations, we’re all loved by Him and are precious. Nobody escapes His eye.

And just when you think you’re not seen and are overlooked by Him, He causes light to brighten in our lives. Even a little speck of it.

And like a moth, we are attracted… So beautiful how He does that…

And how, ever so gently, He brings in more and more light to illuminate us better, to show us the brilliant design that’s in us, the unique accents and patterns and rhythms … and the scars and the torn places and the fresh wounds … and as He then He turns the light up more … and we watch … as the scars fade and the torn places are repaired and the fresh wounds are healed … ’til the pattern comes together again and we see the beauty in ourselves too … then lift our eyes to our Father God … not a representative of our earthly fathers, even if our earthly fathers were good, but of One who is our earthly fathers’ Father too …

Pure Love … aching to hold His babies again … longing to help and heal and love us forever … hoping to be known also … and noticed in a world He created … even through a moth at rest …


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