The Fruit of Each Season

By August 13, this is what the tomatoes looked like. Pretty delicious. We got quite a few from those plants Mom and I started from seeds. Loved watching them grow… The season went by much too quickly. If only I had started pumpkins… Maybe it’s not too late… Will have to check. And a winter garden might be nice too…

Yes, each season has its own type of beauty and offerings. Did you ever swing across those playground bars that made you feel you were in the jungle, going from bar to bar ’til you reached the other side? That’s what the seasons feel like when you don’t want them to change, but yet you do… Taking hold of one bar, then letting the other go. And once you get to where you’re going, you don’t want to go back.

I like to savor the moments. And the fruit of each season.


One thought on “The Fruit of Each Season

  1. My mouth’s watering. Nothing like homegrown tomatoes. You can take those pathetic hothouse tomato impostors out of the stores. I’d rather have the real thing for a few months than the mealy, flavorless ones year ’round.

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