And this rejection sticker was slapped on my windshield. (The new part I need for the headlights will be in by next Friday, so no worries.)

I got a laugh out of it, actually, as it’s symbolic in so many ways… The “wait” period after you’ve put your heart into something that seemed promising… Then the “greeted” period, the point of contact where it seems those dreams might turn into reality. Followed by the “rejection” that closes another door. Maybe the 28th one. And so you just have to laugh. Because it all makes for a good comedy, some comedy that you seem destined to write and/or act in. So I will. And wouldn’t it be ironic if that’s when more “acceptance” stickers start appearing? Ha! ; )

Seriously, you really do just have to laugh. It does no good to do anything else. You get past the initial feeling of being punched in the stomach, and then you move on. Just like my little car will move on by the end of this new week coming up. It will move on out of that car place and back out into the sun, proudly wearing its new “acceptance” inspection sticker.

The truth is, no matter what/who does the rejecting, our Father God does the accepting. And He sees all. The “wait” part, the “greeted” part, the “rejection” part, and the “acceptance” part. And He smiles, I bet. Because He knows that wherever point we’re at, it’s all working out in some odd way He’s fashioned. He sees the beginning and the middle and the never-ending part. Yep, He’s got good things for His kids. Even if it takes a while to see them sometimes.

“When one door closes, another opens” is true. And I’d rather go through His doors than the ones that were shut on me, in every area of life. (See the two blog entries before this one for the visuals, by the way. ; )

And now, dear readers, I am caught up with my blogs for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Have a great new week!


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