A Little Ear of Corn & Granny…

We’re having extremely hot weather here in the South. And the mosquitoes seem even feistier and ferocious. While watering plants this evening as the sun was setting, painting pink in the distance, I noticed this little ear of corn growing. A sweet surprise and gift from God, probably via a bird dropping the seed. It’s right at the corner of the patio.

Summer corn always reminds me of my grandmother, or “Granny,” as we called her. She was my mom’s mother, and she lived in Michigan after moving there from Tennessee. I didn’t get to see her much. But when I did visit as a kid, she always had her garden. I remember the tomatoes and blackberries and corn, in particular. She’d grill the corn in the husks outside for picnics. She loved her garden. And she was the only grandmother — and only grandparent — I ever knew.

Being the wife of a sharecropper, she knew about hard work. Later, she had her own still in the backyard and ran a nightclub. And nobody messed with Granny. She was a tiny woman with a ton of spirit. When she was able to visit here during the summer, she’d always head outside and weed the garden for Mom. She found life in nature.

Later, when she was sick and couldn’t go outside anymore, I gave her some tapes of Scripture that my mom’s friend, Lorraine Morris, had given me. My aunt Hazel said that Granny listened to them all the time. I bet she loved when Jesus used stories of nature in His teachings; I bet she understood exactly what He meant.

Granny wasn’t a church-going woman. She didn’t attend regularly, anyway. But she had faith. Some of it was mixed in with mountain superstition, but she believed, and I know He met here right where she was at. Just His heart and her heart. And I bet He’s given her a great big wonderful garden up there in Heaven…

I like reminders here on Earth of loved ones who’ve gone on ahead of us… I like reminders of how it’ll be someday with all the reunions and picnics… And I like how God had some little bird to plant a cornstalk right next to the patio, right where my Granny used to weed the garden…


4 thoughts on “A Little Ear of Corn & Granny…

  1. Lovely post, Sandy.
    I like earthly reminders of loved ones, too. I can’t see a dogwood without thinking of my sweet grandmother, and fig trees make me smile about my mom’s love for them. I believe that our Lord gives us happy memories to remind us of the greatest reward of all, and I can’t help but think of my mother and grandmother when I see their favorite things on earth.

    • She was… And I wish I had gotten to know her better… She taught me how to crochet and knit, and always worked on crafts… Fun little memories of walking down to the store with her to look for craft items during her summer visits…and I remember feeling so girly and grown up when she surprised me with a lovely little case of solid floral perfume… (I still have that container as a keepsake today…) Thanks for your comments, Susan! : )

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