Hidden Green Tomatoes

Well, I didn’t think we had any tomatoes showing yet. All I saw were the yellow blooms. But while watering the almost-waist-high plants last night, I spotted a few in hiding. So today I took their picture.

I took a picture last night also, but they look like little aliens. Here’s the night view:

Seeing those baby green tomatoes was a great surprise! Which makes me wonder what God’s got in the works for all of us … and we just don’t know it yet…

Right when we think there’s absolutely nothing good growing in our lives — He surprises us! And then we realize He’s been working behind the scenes all along. And, actually, out in front too, just maybe a little hidden, but there nonetheless. ; )

Okay. I’ve once again caught up with my blog postings. Good night and sweet dreams, everyone! : )


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