Beautifully Renewed…

God always has a wonderful way of refocusing us through nature, His creation, if we let Him. He speaks in all kinds of ways… I love being outside. So, yesterday, on a particularly lovely Sunday, I got out there as much as possible, taking a few pictures too. Just breathing fresh air and looking at everything the outdoors offers is invigorating. Here’s a photo of a vining plant my neighbor says is probably a weed. And maybe she’s right. But I like it. I’ve always loved vines.

This one came up around the vegetable garden gate, so I let it grow to see what it would do. It’s a beautiful covering. I’m guessing, like the corn plant, some bird dropped the seed for it. Maybe the crows. They, by the way, still stop by for a meal every day, and are doing fine. (After a neighbor’s tree, their home, was cut down, they stayed away for about three days, but then resumed their visits.) Those four are great birds, a very loving bird family to watch.

God makes good things grow. In the earth, and in our lives. And what may seem like a weed, something that gets in the way of established plants — or what seems to some like a nuisance, like crows that too often have an undeserved reputation — can turn out to be unexpected gifts from God. To teach us how to live better through lessons they offer. To make us smile and feel at peace. To refocus us and remind us of all His goodness toward us…

This summer season will eventually, once again, turn to autumn, and this planet will start to fall back asleep for a while. But right now, it’s radiant. It’s like Heaven rolled out reminders of what’s to come down the road, when life will be full of love all the time, and there will be no sickness or disease, no famine or droughts, no more death of any kind… When Heaven will be Earth, and Earth will be Heaven… Blended beautifully, beautifully renewed…

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