The Sun’s Too Bright…

Here’s how the cucumber plants are doing. Well, here’s a pic of one of them, anyway. In person, the leaves are dark green. But here some of them look pasty white. Too much sun for the picture.

Sometimes from where we’re standing, the sun’s just too bright. I should’ve moved. But I didn’t. Was going to delete this photo, but decided to keep it — so I’d remember yet another lesson from nature: Sometimes from where we stand, our view isn’t the true picture; sometimes we’re momentarily blinded from seeing the real colors … because sometimes we just aren’t in the best place to see clearly.

We just need to move a bit — maybe to regain a better attitude and let go of pain or sadness … or to take a break from the glare that drives us crazy … or to strengthen or soften a heart growing faint or jagged — and then look again.

The sun can illuminate or blind us. Like truth. We just have to work with it until we have a clear picture, and then not look away. Because if we look away, we lose our balance by staying in the dark too long. Truth — real truth, not someone else’s spin on it — always has a way of leading us to freedom, and giving us better vision of what’s right in front of us, even the dark green beauty of a cucumber plant.


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