Walking at Sunset

I finally had time to go for a walk this evening. Love long walks… This one was just about a mile though, but one is better than none. It felt good to be outside — and what a spectacular sunset…

For a little while, it looked like rain on the way, but then the sky just lit up in different designs all around, in almost an instant, each with shades of different colors. And you could see other people stopping and taking notice too: grandparents walking with their little grandchild; a mother and daughter resting on a bench; a group of kids on a playground. Everybody stopped and looked up.

God was putting on a light show. I like when He shows off… ; ) I think it’s His way of getting our focus off our selves, off everything that causes us to look down or feel dragged down, and up at Him.

I think maybe it’s like He’s saying, “Hey, (insert your own name)! Look at Me! Keep your chin up and your eyes focused on My eyes, not on anything else, not on anybody else, just Me. And trust Me. No matter what I lead you through, you’re going to be okay. Through every part of your life, I’m with you. I’m right beside you, and I’m not going anywhere. Whether you acknowledge Me or not, I’m right here. In good times and not so good times. And after you’ve lived all the days I’ve given you here, and when your life on Earth is finished and it’s time for you come Home, I’ll be with you then too. And if you think this sunset is beautiful, just wait… Because you haven’t seen anything yet… The best is still yet to come…”

Yeah, I know. Maybe I shouldn’t put words in God’s mouth. But that’s what I feel sometimes when I look up at the sky, especially at sunset…


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