One Windstorm at a Time…

Destructive winds are not what I want in my life, literally or figuratively. But today I read a little paragraph in a gardening article that made me think…

The article mentioned how destructive winds can be good for plants, as those winds tear off the unproductive leaves, and cause the nutrients to go to the healthy parts of the plant, making it stronger. It wasn’t talking about tornado- or hurricane-type winds, but just the really strong forces that lash out at plants from time to time.

Maybe the winds are lashing out at you too right now… But like the plants, you’re going to be just fine.

God uses His creation to teach us so much about life, doesn’t He? He turns what was meant for destruction into something no force of nature can stand up against: the miraculous transformation of the inner person, one windstorm at a time. Safe in your innermost being is the breath of God. And His breath is stronger than the winds swirling around you.

I’m doing inventory and seeing what “leaves” have been taken from me, and what has grown stronger in the process… I bet you can do the same…

And the best part of life is still yet to come. Like a beautiful sunflower still in the growing stages, just wait… It’s going to be wonderful…


2 thoughts on “One Windstorm at a Time…

  1. Yep… Even though it’s no fun when it’s happening… I think part of the trick is to keep remembering — while you’re going through it — that God will use it all
    to create something good…

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