A Short Poem…

This was a very long day, but a good day… Got a lot accomplished, including work, housework, some yard work, cooking, and hanging out with my mom and the birds. So too tired to write…

I used to think that anything could be squeezed into a day if you really wanted to do it. But after you get squeezed by life a little, you have more understanding of others who put their dreams on hold because of their own individual circumstances. You understand that sometimes, there really is nothing extra in a day. And that will have to be all right for now. Tomorrow will be a brand-new day to start again.

In the middle of all your planning and daily goals, you have to leave room to just be flexible and enjoy the ride… That spontaneity will probably lead to some new thought, which will lead to some new action, culminating in an even better plan than you envisioned. And mine ended with laughter, watching a comedy. I love to laugh; I love to find joy even where there seems to be none. It’s always there. Just like the stars are always up above us, even on cloudy evenings when we can’t see anything but blackness. But they’re there. And that’s comforting, and makes me smile.

And all that causes me think of a quote by Malcom Muggeridge that a friend posted recently: “Every happening, great and small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message.”

Hey … it looks like I’m writing after all. ; ) Not the kind of writing I meant to do, but this is writing, and it’s fun. And helps me form a good habit. But I need to get some sleep… [Yawn…] And I just intended to post a short poem for tonight. (Poems and recipes and photos are helping me post daily now. Ha! ; ). Here’s “He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven,” by William Butler Yeats, read by Anthony Hopkins, found on YouTube.

Be kind to everyone’s dreams… And sweet dreams to you tonight…


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