Favorite Scripture Verses

I’m borrowing this idea from my friend Susan, who borrowed it from a friend of hers. Feel free to keep this going, adding your own verses and reasons…

“Here are the rules:
Write a post on your three favorite verses from the Bible and why you like them.
Link back to this post.
In your post tag three other bloggers to carry this theme forward, link to you and other bloggers.”

(Note: I’m not linking… Not sure yet how to do that with a blog, or if I can with this template… ; )

Very difficult to narrow down to just three… But this first one is my absolute favorite.

1. “Behold, I make all things new!” (Revelation 21:5)

This is my top favorite verse because it’s loaded with hope. Jesus’ heart for all of us shows radiantly… I can imagine hearing Him saying this, and seeing the love and strength and joy in his eyes and smile as He says it.

When times are challenging or painful, or when change seems to happen too quickly, I remember this promise of His… Somehow He works everything out for the better; it might take a while before you can look back and acknowledge that truth — and for certain situations, it might not be until we’re living in Heaven when we can see how He worked on our behalf, but we will know…

I used to fight change; I wanted everything that was good to always stay that way… But that just isn’t life… Death causes temporary separations; jobs are terminated; dreams are stalled; the seasons change — and, on a more practical level, dust builds up if you don’t clean, mold can form if you don’t intervene; favorite cards and letters turn yellow; old houses rot; treasured family photos fade and crack… It’s not possible to capsulize life, to preserve it… That’s only for museums. And although I love museums … they are only for visiting and remembering and learning and cherishing, but not for living in …

It’s taken me quite some time to just let go of everything I need to let go of … and I’m not “there” completely. History is one of my passions. I truly wish I could time-travel. But the only way to really enjoy the past is while you’re living each brand-new day God gives you. If you miss your “today,” which will one day be your tomorrow, you won’t be truly living.

Since He is the God who restores and heals and brings newness, I love how He takes our old selves and does a full-house makeover, if we’d like Him to. And once we give the okay, I bet He is more thrilled than we can possibly realize. I bet He rolls out the blueprints and figures out what needs adjusting, then has a fun time picking out just the right colors and hues and accent pieces.

But it’s that building time that gets tedious… The hammering and cutting and scraping and sanding… Sometimes you just want to say, “Enough already!” And you could … but then you remember you’re dealing with the Master Craftsman, and you know it’ll all be worth it…

We were all born in the era we were supposed to be born in; our lives aren’t mistakes. So with courage and confidence in Him, I take His hand and let Him lead me into all He has that is new …

2. “God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and death shall be no more, neither shall there be anguish (sorrow and mourning) nor grief nor pain any more…” (Revelation 21:4)

Staying in the Book of Revelation for a bit, that first part of verse 4 in chapter 21 gives me comfort. I look forward to the day when there is no more death and no more suffering, not only in my little scope of the world, but for the world itself. So much heartache everywhere… I bet Jesus cries for us, longing to rescue us and all His creation, just waiting from the signal from His Father that it’s time to finish what He started…

I don’t suppose anyone knows why there’s human suffering, or why God allows things on this planet — things that we create superheros in comic books to fix. Maybe that’s why we like the fantastical stories, where the evil villains get what’s coming to them at the hands of super heroes…

There is one Super Hero who will return though, and how awesome it will be to have the God of the universe wipe away our tears, once and for all…

3. “They asked the Lord, ‘Has Saul come here yet?’ The Lord said, ‘Yes. He’s hiding behind the baggage.'” (1 Samuel 10:22)

This might seem like an odd piece of Scripture to like, but … I like its oddness. I find a little humor in it too. Especially when applied to us. ; ) But also there’s great insight and love in that verse…

There was Saul, appointed king, but he was hiding. Behind a lot of “stuff.” Maybe he had other plans and didn’t want to be who he was meant to be. Maybe he didn’t realize what his gifts and talents were and what he’d be good at. Or maybe he didn’t know that living his true identity could be really wonderful if he gave it a chance.

But in that moment, God was calling him out. God knew what the reasons where. I don’t think He was being mean by telling Samuel where he was, I think He was being honest.

I think sometimes if we asked God about certain people in our lives, instead of complaining about them, God would tell us “where they are” too… Maybe He’d tell us that the reason this person reacts so irrationally or that person behaves like they’re better than anyone else is because of roots only He can heal…

And aren’t we all like Saul, in a way? We all have our own type of baggage that He calls us out from, so He can heal us and help us along the road to being all He created us to be…

All right. Those are just three of my favorite verses… Dig in and find the ones that resonate with you… The process of really figuring out what attracts you to particular passages has its own type of healing and insight…


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