Cloud Inspiration

I love stairs… I love the sky… I love the idea of walking up into the clouds, on them and through them, if that were possible. One day… When there aren’t limitations… When gravity won’t hold us back… Did you ever go on road trips when you were a kid and spend hours looking out the window and up at the clouds, seeing stories and characters unfold up there? Or find a good patch of grass on a warm day and just rest there, watching the sky roll past you?

Around twilight this evening, I saw a brilliant view of the sky… Big dark clouds were parting, revealing gold-touched layers of smaller elongated clouds that looked like distant steps you could walk up, and then keep on going…

And then I remembered a strange dream from last night. It wasn’t a vision-dream, just something random. Maybe because I’d been reading about Mars. ; ) Anyway, in the dream, I was outside with friends and noticed something in the clouds, some kind of patterned light. But nobody else saw anything. Then I could tell it was a spaceship trying to hide, but still no one else could see it. I don’t remember anything else; I think I woke up around then.

Artistically, we all see “visions”; we are all capable of seeing wondrous possibilities — because our wonderful Creator has gifted us with our own unique perception. What we see or imagine can lead to excellence in all fields. Inspired creativity can catapult the beginnings of great paintings, speeches, recipes, teaching, screenplays, fashion, business deals, choreography, organization, music, dissertations, collaboration, performances, renovated houses, museums, gardens, inventions, nonprofits, work days, vacations, lives…

I love this quote by Madeleine L’ Engle from Walking on Water:

“The artist at work is less bound by time and space than in ordinary life. But we should be less restricted in ordinary life than we are. We are not supposed to be limited and trapped. As a child it did not seem strange to me that Jesus was able to talk face to face with Moses and Elijah, the centuries between them making no difference.”

And He talked with them in a cloud…

There’s something about clouds… Especially the kind that look like stairs or have spaceships hiding in them… The kind that spark your imagination and remind you that all things are indeed possible…


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