Summer Pasta in Spring

We’ve been having wonderful-weather days lately — the kind that let you open up the windows, while you listen to birds in the day and crickets at night… Summer is on its way… But I’m relishing these low-humidity, warm and sunny times…

Here’s one of my favorite pasta dishes…

In a big glass bowl, mix (use all organic ingredients, if possible):
–about a half Cup or more of extra-virgin olive oil
–torn up pieces of fresh basil leaves
–minced garlic
–chopped up and lightly salted (optional) cherry or plum tomatoes
Let this mixture marinate at room temperature for a while.

Cook whatever pasta you desire (whole wheat, spinach, and beet pasta in various shapes work well with this).

While the pasta boils, cut up chunks of mozzarella cheese and set aside.

Drain cooked pasta, then add to mixture. Add chunks of mozzarella. Toss well. Add grated Parmesan cheese and toss again.

Before serving, add a bit of Parmesan cheese to top off the dish.


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