“You’re Going to be Let Go Today”…

It’s funny how God speaks sometimes … always trying to get our attention … always wanting to be either in a conversation with us … or just in our presence … just because He loves us…

Usually, we think of being in God’s Presence… And it’s humbling to think that the God of the Universe would want to be in ours … so much, that He took on our form as a human … just to come down here and be that close … and then to send us His Holy Spirit… I’ve heard so many different opinions on whether or not He speaks to people today…

And I can only speak from my own experiences. He does have a voice. That still, small voice Scripture speaks of. A big God who doesn’t shout at us, but calls us tenderly. He does long to be around us. He does love us so very much, too much to comprehend sometimes… He speaks to us all in different ways, in ways He knows we’ll understand … that we’ll recognize as His voice and not our own, and not from anyone or anything else.

One morning, as I was rushing to get out the door to go work, I heard, “You’re going to be let go today.” I stopped, frozen for second, but peace filled me. I almost wanted to look around to see who said that, but I knew. In my busyness, He broke into my circumstances to prepare me. It was almost like someone whispered in my ear…

I’d been through job layoffs before (with no warning) — companies folding, departments downsizing… And the company I was currently working with had indeed let a few people go already. It was irritating, frustrating, and you just wanted to say, “Again? Really? What the heck?” But not this time. On that particular morning, I felt “matter of fact,” like okay, let’s get it over with and move on to the next … whatever it was going to be. I guess I’ve been led more by closed doors than open ones. Mostly, I think… So far anyway…

So when I got to the office, I immediately started clearing out my desk and taking pictures, a calendar, and charts off a bulletin board. My office mate, Mary, whom I’m still friends with today, asked (of course!) what I was doing.

“God told me I was going to be let go today,” I said.

I remember she gave me a look like she thought I had finally lost it. “You’re not going to be let go,” she said. “They need you; you’re the only who does what you do here.”

“Yes,” I said, “but God told me I was going to be let go.”

And with that, Mary got back to work, and I got back to clearing out desk drawers.

And then I got an email. Requesting that I come to a meeting later that afternoon. But we never really had meetings there … nothing so formal…

Mary’s eyes got big when I showed her the message. And, in a nutshell, I thought she was going to fall out of her chair after I came out of the “meeting” and said good-bye… It happened, just like God said. Still, His peace was with me.

My journey didn’t get easier — in fact, it got more difficult — and still isn’t smooth sailing. But it’s been a growing time, a time to learn lessons from Him that I don’t think I could’ve learned any other way. And it’s been a bonding time, learning to trust Him more than my circumstances or feelings.

Sometimes life is just plain difficult. But only for a season, even if that season is long. If we can remember that His heart is good and that His heart is for us, not against us, we can get our heels out of the ground we may have dug them in — and move forward to a better place, on so many different levels. We can leave behind the stuff that poisons us, like unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, etc. Not always in an instant, sometimes it’s a process, but it can be done.

And the great news is that He’ll never leave us abandoned or give up on us, no matter what “stuff” we’re still working on; He’ll never leave us in the middle of the times of struggle. He loves us too much to do that. I don’t know why He doesn’t always intervene in a supernatural way, like I know He could… But I can’t judge Him anymore (and, yes, I used to…).

All I know is that I can go to Him at any time, about any situation, and let Him heal what needs to be healed in me — so that I can handle whatever it is that’s in front of me, and so that maybe I can help somebody else someday who’s going through the same thing. I think He wants us to help each other, even if it’s “only” through encouragement, or by offering hope…

The voices that aren’t His — the ones that ask, “Where was He when…” or “Why didn’t He…” or “How could He let that happen if He’s a good God…” — will always be around, like hellish wasps, ready to sting and divert our attention away from Him … and harden our hearts against Him…

There’s more to my story, and more to your story… And no one should judge how someone else feels or why they act a certain way… Unless we could trade places, we have absolutely no idea … but God does.

I think He’d love to have a conversation with us as much as possible … or to just stay a while and be in our presence, as we are in His… Just a time to get to know each other better … or rekindle a relationship maybe you think slipped away, not realizing He’s been waiting the whole time… Just you and the Creator of the Universe … just because He loves you that much … and always will…


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