No Sinking…

I’d been driving a little shorter, sunk down in the front seat just a little bit. A very tiny bit. You see, a few months ago while driving and not able to really look at the mirror, I reached up to adjust it, and it almost fell off.

When I tried to adjust it later, it just went a little limp. A tiny bit. So, thinking it might be expensive and time-consuming to fix, I just adjusted the way I was driving. It wasn’t anything major. I didn’t compromise safety. It was just a little annoying. But I got used to it, and forgot about it.

For whatever reason, last week, after parking, I finally took a good look at that mirror. And I felt so stupid. It wasn’t broken at all. It wasn’t coming off the window. It just wasn’t in place all the way. I must’ve moved it up out of its slot when I tried adjusting it. All it needed was to snap it back in place. And that was that. I didn’t even know it did that; I thought it was all one piece.

I probably shouldn’t even admit this little story, but I love one of the lessons learned: Don’t assume there’s a problem, and don’t avoid fixing a problem if there is one. And I’m not usually like that at all; I don’t expect problems. It just seemed that there was indeed something that needed fixing that might be expensive, with time spent at a car-repair place, and I didn’t have extra time. I’m also not usually an “avoider.” In fact, I usually confront problems head on and take care of what needs taking care of. But this was a “little” thing that could wait, I rationalized. Ha!

But another lesson I learned was that when you’re going forward in life, make sure you aren’t sunk down one little bit. There’s no time for adjustments, even tiny ones, that aren’t necessary, and it’s not good for your back or neck. ; )


2 thoughts on “No Sinking…

  1. Oh, that is such a WIN. I love it when something like that works out; something that you’ve been dreading turns out to be nothing at all.

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