Go With Your Instincts

This was another busy day. I was on a roll with multitasking, which I really don’t enjoy, but sometimes you just have to. I didn’t need “another thing”… But then it happened. And so you do what you have to do in that moment. You go with your instinct. Because if you listened to your mind, it would tell you that a bunch of other things need to get done and there’s no time for extras…

But there should always be time for the extras. I’m not patting myself on the back for helping this little baby I named “Frankie” (for his blue eyes — Frank Sinatra, Blue Eyes — you really can’t see in the picture) — but I’m posting this today to remind myself… There are always going to be other “things” that need our attention, but when we get to the end of our earthly lives, it won’t be those things that will mean the most. I think it’ll be how we connected with all God’s creation in some way — including how we related to others, how we gave what we had, how we took care of this planet, how we loved, how we listened to His gentle promptings … even when those promptings shake up our momentum with what we already had planned. If we would just remember that something greater is in the works than we can even imagine…

I want to always remember Frankie and how God used him to remind me…

And I’ll finish this story another time… I am once again very tired… But wanted to enter a posting for today. Please come back sometime down the road… At some point I’ll finish this bird story… For now, enjoy the picture of Connie the bird rescuer — a wildlife rehab volunteer — who drove over out of the goodness of her heart to help — holding Frankie the rescued baby crow…


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