A Picture of Hope…

Springtime is so beautiful… I love when the Earth reawakens every year… Like this pear tree giving birth to many new baby pears, there’s so much in us waiting to be birthed… Maybe it’s a new story, or a character to flesh out for a film or stage production, or a new recipe, or a type of inner healing or awareness, or a sense of finally owning the gifts and talent and creativity that is uniquely yours to offer. Or maybe it’s new eyes to see the hurting people around you — and find a way to add joy. Or it could be a type of birth that’s about letting go of what’s hurting or destroying you, little by little. It could even be the literal birth of a new baby, or adopting a child or an animal into your life to help nurture and love. Or maybe it’s the type of birth that extends love to an aging person who wishes they had more time … and letting them remind you how precious life is… I hope we all discover something new in us every day that wants to be birthed… We don’t go around this planet long enough… Even if we lived to be 240, that would still be too short… If we could wake up every day with hope, I bet we could pack hundreds of years’ worth into the time we’re given … and make every moment spectacular… : )

“This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it!” (Psalm 118:24)


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