Jesus on the Beach

Maybe it’s because Palm Sunday is this weekend, or maybe it’s just because of I love Him, but I’ve been thinking about a lot of God experiences lately. And since yesterday’s angel story mentioned a vision-dream, I’ll go ahead and roll with that one…

I’ve had about a handful of dreams that are more like visions. They’re not regular ol’ dreams, and they’re not fragmented, contemporary-art-style dreams (although those are pretty cool). Unlike most of the other dreams I have, these are always really clear and seem like they just happened. They always have to do with God, and time passes just like it does in waking hours.

In this particular vision-dream, I was sitting on some beach, crying. No one else was around. The day was very dreary, overcast and cool. Every once in a while, I’d look at the shoreline that seemed to go on for miles. As time passed, I noticed a figure far away. After a while, I could see that this person was wearing a long tunic-style garment and that he had longish dark hair. I knew it was Jesus. It was like seeing an old friend for the first time in a long, long time.

I jumped up and ran toward this distant figure. And when we were in range enough to make eye contact, I noticed He had been crying also, and His face was wet with tears. When He saw me, He too had a look of recognition and ran to me, then gave me a big bear hug and let me cry in His arms.

But what surprised me is that He matched my cries. The pain I felt inside was matched by Him. As the tears subsided, He broke the embrace enough to make me look in His eyes. And what I saw was pure Love. Radiant, exquisite, Heavenly Love set in deep rich-brown eyes. Nothing I’ve ever seen has been as beautiful. Kindness beyond measure, understanding, strength, healing – everything good and perfect.

And then He smiled, brushed away a tear, and I woke up.

Immediately, what I felt God was saying was something like: “I feel everything you feel; every hurt, every disappointment. And it’s going to be all right.  You’re going to be all right.”

And that wasn’t just for me. It’s for everyone out there. He’s sees, He knows, He always has the last word. And you’re going to be okay too…


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