The Angel in the Bookstore

After posting yesterday’s angel story, I decided to share another. I don’t want to ever forget. And if it encourages you, too, then I’m glad to tell you about it, even if you end up thinking I’m delusional. Ha! ; ) As with the previous story, this one also happened back in high school…

For English class, I chose to write about the Shroud of Turin for my senior research paper. Unable to find what I needed in the library, I dropped by a little neighborhood bookstore. (It was sold and expanded, and it’s now a pet shop. But I remember what happened there like it was yesterday…)

Right after my last class, I headed back down the road. This shop was tiny, and when you walked in, or out, a bell attached to the door rang. After looking through a couple sections, I found what I was looking for. And they only had one copy. Considering whether or not to buy the book or choose another topic and head back to the library, I left empty-handed.

That evening, before the store’s closing time, I made a decision and ran back out to get that book. In a rush and knowing exactly where it was, I quickly started toward the kiosk. As I was about to stop in front of it — I hadn’t stopped walking yet — a very tall man standing there, and holding a book in his hands, turned to me and said, “This is for you.” I looked at the book he held out: my Shroud book… Because it all happened so suddenly, the oddness didn’t register immediately.

“No,” I remember telling him. “It’s okay.”  After all, he was looking at that book, and there was only one copy.

But he just said again, with a smile, “This is for you.”

I took my focus off the book and really looked at him. His eyes were amazingly full of light and love and power. I can’t remember the color, just the brilliance, the essence… I’ve only seen eyes like that once before, in a vision-dream of Christ, but His eyes were even more radiant.

Stumbling for words, I thanked him, then walked up to the counter, a few steps away, to make my purchase. And then it hit me how peculiar that all was. I remember turning around quickly to look for him. But he wasn’t there anymore. I couldn’t find him anywhere. And the bell never rang. It’s like he just vanished.

I still have that book. And I wrote that paper (and got an A!).

Scripture says angels are all around us, and that sometimes they appear as we do. I’m certain that was one of those times… And in this crazy, chaotic world, it’s good to remember that God takes care of us in many ways, even  through angels. In good times and not-so-good times, God has put His angels in positions all around us. For whatever reason, they may not always intervene like we hope, but I bet one day we’ll find out how much they actually did on our behalf … including the little tasks, like helping some high-school kid with her research paper…


7 thoughts on “The Angel in the Bookstore

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  2. I had a similar experience when I was exiled in Spain. I was having a difficult times. The night before at bed I was trying of remember some of the psalms to reach some relief to my soul. The next morning, when I walked out the subway exit, a man was given a free little book with the New Testaments with psalms. The man looked at me at my eyes and told me: -This is for you.

    I will never forget what happened that day, when I got the relief I was looking for.

    Thanks, Sandrah, for share your wonderful story.

  3. Wow! This story gives me tingles. That Endido also had such an experience is even more persuasive. Yes, there are angels with us.

    I’d like to read that paper one day, Sandrah.

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