Artists Out of Time

No time for a big blog today. (And some would say “YEA!” about that. Ha! ; ) But here’s a quote from Madeleine L’ Engle in Walking on Water, Reflections on Faith and Art, a wonderful book:

“The artist at work is less bound by time and space than in ordinary life. But we should be less restricted in ordinary life than we are. We are not supposed to be limited and trapped. As a child it did not seem strange to me that Jesus was able to talk face to face with Moses and Elijah, the centuries between them making no difference.”

I love that we all have the capacity to time-travel in our minds — to pick up a book, nonfiction or fiction, or watch a film and be transported to another place for a while.

And as artists (we’re all artists in different ways), we have the freedom to explore avenues of breaking through time. Artists are out of time, not captured in their own time periods, free to create using limitless possibilities of the imagination.

And on that liberating note, jump into the creative process and splash around for a while…


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