With Love…

So tired today… Was woken up in the middle of a deep sleep last night to the sounds of sirens blaring on and on, as if the fire truck and ambulance were only traveling 10 miles an hour past us… We live on a busy road, and the rescue squad is just a couple blocks away. It’s a blessing, but it’s also a daily reminder of how fragile life is. I usually say a little prayer when I hear the sirens, then try to block the sound from memory. I don’t like to be reminded of the bad times, of when we had to call for help, once when my mom had a stroke and then when she had a seizure. But I’ve learned that you can go to a place of inner peace when you need a safe haven. Even though it’s easier said than done sometimes. And then I remember my reasons for needing a safe place are nothing compared to other people’s struggles, who would love to be able to call for help and have a rescue team arrive within minutes…

I heard about another big earthquake in Japan today… My heart hurts for them… Those poor, poor people… Sometimes what’s going on in the world in unfathomable. Earthquakes, wars, famine, disease… It’s like this planet is ill and having convulsions. Or, as Jesus said, this world is experiencing birth pangs… But in my world today, we had warm temperatures, and the squirrels and birds were out enjoying the sunshine, and a white butterfly graced the kitchen window…

Technology astounds me — doesn’t it astound you? When you really think about it, isn’t it wild? In a split second, we have news from all over the world. To people who lived back in 1900, we’re living in a science-fiction world. But it’s real and it’s our world. But it all gets to be too much to take in…

A friend reminded me that 17 years ago today was when the genocide in Rwanda started, leaving 800,000 people dead in less than 100 days. And just a few days ago was the  anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II, who was shot years before that from a would-be assassin. And it was the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Both of these men were great activists and peacemakers  who believed love was stronger than hate.

And love is stronger than hate. God’s love is stronger. I don’t understand all His ways, or why He allows certain things, and there have been many times when I’ve argued with Him or gotten angry and turned my back for a little while. But His love is what captivates me. I trust His heart, in spite of everything. His heart is good, and He knows what’s going on better than any of us. And I know He’s intervening in ways we could never truly know about or comprehend.

It’s  difficult to fully enjoy beautiful, sunny days when you know there’s tremendous suffering happening at this very second in other places around the world.  If we can’t be there physically helping in Japan today, maybe we can give to those who are. And not just in “other places” around the world, but in our own neighborhoods too. Maybe even right next door. Maybe there’s an elderly person who needs help with their yard. Or someone who’s sick who might have a brighter day with a card you could send. Or a child who needs intervention. We have been given the power by God to make a difference. I think sometimes we want God to act like a magic genie, when He just wants us to act like Him … with love.

Just some thoughts for this day… Being tired and very busy again, I don’t have time to go back and revise. But I wanted to keep up with my own goal of blogging every day. Maybe this should’ve been another recipe post… But somehow I don’t think so… I think love is always a good message, in whatever imperfect form…

And whatever has been part of your road today, I hope you’ve had His peace and love to comfort and strengthen and guide you…


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