Something Light Like a Salad …

Okay… The second day of blogging in a row…

As promised, this post is on the light side … Just another recipe. Except that no recipe is “just” anything. The finished product either hits your taste buds in a good way, or it doesn’t. I hope this one does.

Layer the following in each salad bowl:
A mix of organic greens (including spinach leaves)
Organic bits of broccoli, carrots, onions
Sliced organic sugar-plum tomatoes
Shredded Parmesan cheese (from cows not treated with hormones…)
Small organic walnut pieces (instead of croutons)

Shake together the following for the dressing (then drizzle over the vegetables):
Some (I don’t use exact measurements for this) extra-virgin olive oil
A little bit of balsamic vinegar
About the same amount of lemon juice
A pinch of iodized sea salt
A tiny bit of mustard
As much freshly minced organic garlic as you can stand (I like a lot)

Savor the moments, and have a beautiful new day, everybody!



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